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**** 15th Mar ****

Membership Renewal

Members are advised that with over 400 membership renewals either being processed, or waiting to be processed there will be delays in despatching them.

As there is no way to prioritise applications, or even advise if they have been received until they are opened then is not possible to deal with individual queries. Please be patient and your application will be dealt with as soon as possible.

**** 15th Mar ****

Nature Trail

Update - The Committee have been advised that the work being carried out by Babcock PLC on the substation during the period 16-Mar-15 to 24-Jul-15 will not effect the Nature Trail access.

Field Trip Amendment

Please note the Field Trip in the Programme Card for 20 June should be Saturday and not Sunday as shown.

Please see the members area: Information – Site Map for the latest information received from e.on regarding the erosion to the West Hide.

Members, please see the item on school visits in the General Notices section of the Members pages.